Cricket Club

Haverfordwest Cricket Club

Founded in 1824, Haverfordwest Cricket Club is reputed to be the oldest Cricket Club still playing in Wales. The first ground was on the ‘Old Racecourse’ and it is recorded  “it is ordered that John Higgon, Esquire, and other gentlemen of the Cricket Club, be allowed to level a spot of ground, within the ring of the Racecourse for the purpose of forming a Cricket Ground”. 

18th January 1839.


In the late 1960’s early ‘70’s, discussions got under way regarding the building of a Clubhouse. The Club at that time was using the pavilion on the ‘Lower Racecourse’ for changing, etc.

In 1977 the new Clubhouse was officially opened by Mr Wilfred Wooller Esq, and in 1982 the extension was officially opened by Mr Alan Jones Esq, making the Clubhouse what it is today.

Since 1946 there have been 28 different captains with S.E.R. Williams and S.R. James, both holding the post seven times.

With the 2018 season, our current captain, Danny Potter, will have held the position for an incredible six consecutive seasons.

The Cricket Club now boasts four senior men’s teams and four junior teams.