New seats installed

We are delighted to say that the 5, most recently donated, seats have finally been installed along the NorthWest of the Racecourse.

Our thanks to Shane Owens and his team for the work involved in removing the old seats, laying the concrete and fixing the new seats in place.

Weary walkers can now find somewhere to rest at regular intervals.  Many of the seats are ideal for watching some of the sporting activities taking place every week.

Shane Owens and Team

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Quiz Night

Friday 6th March 2020


Haverfordwest Cricket Club at 19.30

Teams of 4 – £10 entry

In aid of the upkeep of Haverfordwest Racecourse

To enter a team please call:

Pat Lewis on 01437 764496


Alison Thomas on 07878 015427

Please support this worthy cause

and help to maintain your Racecourse

Valued Racecourse Friends

We have now had 2 special acts of generosity displayed on the Racecourse this year.

The first, in September,  was provided by LOOK for a BOOK 📚 – Pembrokeshire.   Part of a growing National Scheme, they provide books for younger readers.

As their Facebook page says “To bring excitement back into reading. There will be books hidden around Pembrokeshire. If you find a book feel free to take, read, keep or re hide it for someone else.”

The second, for Christmas Day itself,  was a pile of Secret Santa presents left in the Shelter (AKA Bus stop). 

A big thank-you to whoever organised these events.

Racecourse Maintenance 2019

We are very grateful to Sean, our friendly builder from Ruther Park for filling in the gap in the path from the road to the Racecourse at the beginning of the year.  As well as presenting a dangerous trip hazard, the gap also acted as a barrier to our older users trying to use a motorised wheelcair and wheeled walking frame.

Our thanks also to David (Dai) James for keeping the grass cut so well throughout the year.

Following the inital clearance by volunteers of the newly named “Memory Walk” in August it was decided to employ Dai to keep the pathways clear with a regular trim.

Before a trim
After a trim


Early December saw the start of the major clearance of the brambles and shrubs which had, sadly, been allowed to encroach into the width of the outer ‘Horseshoe”.  It is hoped that the regular grass trimming by Dai will enable us to keep on top of this growth next year to prevent a recurrence of the intrusion.



The final clearance for this year of the ditches at the Dale Road end of the Racecourse from the Cricket Club to the Park Corner Road side.

Facebook Page

Just in case you haven’t noticed we now have our own Facebook page which is a good way to stay up-to-date with events on the Racecourse.  

You can also use it as an easier way to share your thoughts, photos and news.

We’ll also be using it for occasional calls for volunteers to help when we have some specific tasks where we could use a hand.

Our Facebook Group Page

Volunteers make a good start on path clearance

On Sunday 4th August a group of hard working volunteers acheived an excellent start to the racecourse path clearing.

In 2 hours we generated 4 trailer loads to go to the tip and the ‘nature’ path on the South side is now much more passable. There is still work to do though (brambles don’t give up that easily) so we may be calling for more volunteers soon.

Our special thanks to the volunteers for their time and effort:

Geoff & Janet Jenkins

David & Rosalind Palk

Peter & Pat Lewis

Mike Codd

Roy Thomas

Roy Whitfield

Mike & Rosalyn Wort

Path clearance – Volunteers Needed

Haverfordwest Racecourse Needs You


Are you willing to help clear the overgrown paths around your Racecourse?

When? Sunday 4th August 2019 at 10:00 am

Where? Meet in the Cricket Club Car Park

What do I need? Gardening gloves and eye protection are recommended. Also please bring any of the following: secateurs, small garden saws, loppers, trugs, wheelbarrows or builders sacks. If you have a trailer and are prepared to do a tip run that would be an added bonus.

Thank you from the Racecourse Committee

Annual General Meeting 2019

The Haverfordwest Public Parks Trust AGM will be held on Tuesday 21st May 2019.

It will be held at Haverfordwest Cricket Club, starting at 7.15pm.

Any users of the Haverfordwest Upper Racecourse are welcome to attend.

Quiz Night

Friday 26th April 2019

Haverfordwest Cricket Club at 19.30

Teams of 4 – £10 entry

In aid of the upkeep of Haverfordwest Racecourse

To enter a team please call:

Pat Lewis on 01437 764496


Barbara Morgan on 01437 762020

Please support this worthy cause