Historical and Recent Aerial photos

We were very kindly given permission to post several aerial photos taken by Simon Narbett in 1987. His photos were taken on film using a remote controlled glider and he was limited to one photograph per flight! Compare this to today’s high definition stills and video using relatively inexpensive drones.

These images show how the Racecourse has evolved and changed dramatically in the last 34 years under the stewardship of the Racecourse Committee.

Firstly, a few of Simon’s images alongside recent photos of the same area taken by Simon Butler using a modern drone. Click on them to view larger images.

Western end of the Haverfordwest Racecourse

The central copse and the old scrub meadow

The Cricket Club and part of the Lower Racecourse

A few more images from 1987

Simon describes the technique he used to capture his photos

Back in the late 80s compact 35mm cameras came out, having a similar quality as an SLR full size camera.  The camera did not have a motor wind (extra weight) so one launch and one shot, so you had to try to judge the best direction and angle of the glider.

The camera was mounted on the fuselage at an angle pointing down, so you could fly the model level, a counter weight was also used to accommodate the camera to ensure stable flight.  The height of the images varies from approx 400ft to 1000ft. 

To take a picture, I mounted a servo above the shutter release button, so when I thought I was in the right position, I would operate a switch on my transmitter that would rotate the servo and press the shutter.  Nice to look back and see how things have changed over the years.”


Simon started flying model aircraft at the age of around 13 with the Haverfordwest model flying club, originally set up by engineers from Haverfordwest GPO back in the mid 70s.

The RAF also used the Lower Racecourse in the mid 80s for their model flying club.