Horse Riding

Horse riding is by Permit only for the Haverfordwest Upper Racecourse.

The permit does not apply to the Lower Racecourse.

2 Horses


There is no charge for this permit.  However, we do have a few requirements and rules:

  • Horse Riding is only allowed from 1st May to 30 September.

  • Each rider must have their own permit.

  • Riders under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Horse riding is restricted to the outer part of the Upper Racecourse known also as the “Horseshoe”. Entry to the inner part of the racecourse is not allowed.

  • All riders must provide proof that they are covered by their own personal and public liability insurance.

  • Please note that other racecourse users may appear through the many paths leading from the inner to outer parts of the racecourse. These may include small children and off-lead dogs. Dogs may not be as well behaved as those that share your stables. For these reasons, you are only allowed to walk or trot your horse.  Galloping, cantering, racing and speed trials are forbidden.

  • Please be aware that moles are also active; their holes may add an extra hazard.

  • Entrance to the racecourse must be via the Dale Road/Palmerston Road/Park Corner Road junction. The Cricket Club car park entrance is not to be used.


Before we can proceed you will need provide us with a copy of your insurance covering the appropriate period from May to September. This must cover public liability as well as your personal cover.

For more details please use the contact form below.