New Tractor – Press Release from PCC on 12 July 2022

New wildflower meadows to be created in and around Haverfordwest

New areas of wildflower meadow are to be created and enhanced in and around Haverfordwest, thanks to the purchase of a new shared community tractor and mower.

The upper and lower Racecourse will be making the most use of the tractor for meadow management in the years to come, but it is also available for use at the Priory Saltings and Bridge Meadow.

Aethne Cooke, from the Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership (PNP) said: “Wildflower meadows are some of our rarest and most species-rich habitats. They are beautiful, pollinators love them, and they need less mowing that conventional lawns.

“This tractor will allow these areas to be mown and importantly for the grass cuttings to be removed, reducing nutrients which allows the wildflowers to better compete with the grasses.”

The tractor and mower were purchased via the Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership with Welsh Government Local Places for Nature grant funding.


Pictured are representatives from the PNP, Haverfordwest Town Council, Haverfordwest Racecourse Public Park Trust, Portfield Recreation Committee, the Bridge Meadow Trust and Pembrokeshire County Council, all of whom contributed towards procuring the new vehicles (sic), which were purchased from J E Lawrence & Son.