Running Costs

People often wonder how donations and other sources of funding are used.
Firstly we must emphasise that there are absolutely no administration charges.  Every penny goes to the maintenance of the Racecourse for the safety and enjoyment of all.
The following are just some of the many expenses incurred by the Haverfordwest Racecourse to keep this hugely valuable resource looking good and providing a natural and pleasant environment for all to enjoy.


Annual rent payable to Portfield Recreation


Grass cutting

Ground/hedge clearance (bushwhacking) around the horseshoe and paths

Hedge control

Repair and replacement of seating

Removal of damaged concrete seats from paths

Repairs to old seats and purchase of new seats

Tree pruning and safety

Clearance of fallen trees after storm damage

Ditch clearance

Tractor running costs (Fuel, repairs and insurance)

Maintenance of tractor and grass cutter

Car parking tarmac repairs

Surface water drainage works

Website annual costs

Dog waste bins

Gate repairs

In addition we have to be prepared for the inevitable need to eventually replace the tractor,  grass cutters and other unforeseen expenditure.