Blossom Tree Planting

We were very pleased to receive an apple tree today as a gift from the National Trust Cymru Blossom Project.
It was planted today near to the bench donated recently by Frank Langthorne in memory of our late Chairman Barbara Morgan. It will form part of a project to create a small memorial garden in her memory.
Special thanks are due to our Senedd Member, Joyce Watson, who recommended the Racecourse Trust as a suitable location and recipient for the tree and also helped to plant it.
Our thanks to Kate, Rhian and Nia from the National Trust Cymru who organised the event and attended today.

Generous donation from The Freemen of Haverfordwest

We are incredibly grateful to the Gild of Freemen of Haverfordwest for their generous donation of £250 to the Racecourse Trust at this time when we are totally reliant on support from members and our local community.

The Gild of Freemen of Haverfordwest held their Benefactor’s Service at St Martin’s Church on Sunday, 3rd of October 2021, and met later in St Martin’s Church Hall for the Gild Charitable donations of support which were also presented to the Haverfordwest Museum and the Portfield Recreation Committee.